Easy to know how to start import export business in India Documents

Easy to know how to start import export business in India Documents

Easy to know how to start import export business in India Documents

Government of India  amends formalities and procedures to set up an Export / Import business time to time today i will unlock the secrete of how to start import export business in India Documents.

In recent times, we have seen a major growth in the export and import of goods and services in India. Seeing this change, more and more entrepreneurs or startups are venturing into this area. But many jump in without weighing the pros and cons and rather than laughing their way to the bank, it turns into a nightmare experience.

I hope, this article about setting up an Export Import business in India helps the traders to enlighten necessary procedures and formalities to start an International business in India.

Those who need to start an export import organization can visit necessary departments to have a clear idea on this subject – how to start import export business in India with Documents.

So how do you know if your venture is ready to enter the import/export market? Here are some things you need to have in order.

Getting started

Exporter Registration Profile – Mandatory Documents for Export import Business

  1. Company / Entity / Firm / Proprietorship Registration
  2. Import Export Certificate – IEC Code
  3. Export Promotion Councils Registration – RCMC
  4. GST – Goods and Service Tax Registration
  5. MSME – micro , small and medium Enterprises

The Biz Solution Team is professional expert team to creation of a Export registration profile with expert steps for products –

  1. Food and agriculture Export business setup
  2. Honey Export Business Setup
  3. Meat Product Export business Setup
  4. Rice Export Business Setup
  5. Gems & Jewelry Export Business Setup 
  6. Garments Export Business setup
  7. Plastic and chemical Product Export business setup
  8. Pharma Ayurveda herbal export business setup and many more other category we settled till now on pan India basis.

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Opportunities available with exporters – Export business

The import and export of goods or services is an integral part of a country’s economy, and a country cannot grow without interacting with other parts of the world. And, as mentioned above, after getting into import and export, there are many avenues one can explore.

Some of these as noted below:

  1. Exploring online marketplaces – You might have heard about Amazon.com, Alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, DHGate.com, indiaexporter.in and many more online marketplaces that allow an exporter to enlist as a vendor on their sites and let him or her connect with customers across the globe.
  2. This time, the internet is acting as a bridge for the exporters to export their product to customers sitting thousands of kilometers away.
  3. Exploring international markets – As each country has unique resources that can be exported, it needs to import certain resources. You need to explore what you can export to the needy country and in exchange what you can Import.

For example, if you want to do a trade in agricultural equipment, you can go for Brazil, which is the best in producing agricultural processing equipment. China is famous for electronic equipment, India’s most exported product in 2018 was Agri products, which accounted for 14 percent of the total exports.


You can watch the complete guideline on Video  –how to start import export business in India with Documents




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